Managed internet Security: Could it Be Right for You?

Many businesses have found managed Internet security to offer a cost-effective solution that is popular.

The Internet connection is essential for nearly all businesses. An Internet connection could expose your company to all sorts of new threats. These include hackers, viruses and bandwidth theft. It is essential to take steps to protect your firm’s security. Many smaller businesses don’t have the required technical knowledge or resources, so it is difficult for them to do this. Their internet security can be managed by outsourcing to a specialist security firm. See for get more.

The development of managed Internet safety is a natural extension from the outsourcing business process that has been in place for many years. The fact that managed internet security is still a relatively new concept does not give it the same visibility as other outsourced business process. This is regrettable as managed Internet safety is a critical development in the ongoing fight against cyber threats.

Specialist firms are able to assist with many aspects of an organisation’s IT security, including the following core areas.

Monthly web application scanning services. Regular scanning of your web apps can be vital in identifying security vulnerabilities that could easily be exploited. It is best to supplement the automated scan with a manual review from an experienced tester. Automation tools may not provide all of the data that they are capable of generating.

Monthly network vulnerability reviews: Similar to monthly full penetration testing, a monthly check of your network’s security will catch any problems before hackers are able to. This can complement the more regular full penetration testing.